The new winter lesson is a great way to get students thinking and engaged.
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Newsletter week 01, 2020
Get your students excited about 2020
Our interactive New Years lesson gives your class an opportunity to reflect on what went well in 2019, and what they are excited about in 2020.
(It also includes fireworks.)
New Years Reflections Exercise - Gynzy
There's still time to register for FETC!
Another reason to get excited for New Years is the upcoming Future of Education Technology Conference, taking place January 14 - 17. We'll be at booth 1725 to show off the newest lessons and activities on Gynzy with the help of one of our Gynzy Teachers. Use our promo code to receive 10% off!
Who can build the fastest bobsled?
This activity discusses how force, gravity, and friction work in the context of bobsledding. Students will build bobsleds with simple materials to reinforce these concepts.
Check out bobsled exercise
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