Celebrate Valentine's Day with games and activities your students will love.
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Newsletter week 07, 2020
Valentine's Day Games & Activities
Valentine's Day Lesson from Gynzy
Did you know that Valentine's Day has roots that extend back to the Roman empire? Learn more in our new Valentine's Day lesson, which comes equipped with fun activities such as I Spy
Make Music with Gynzy!
You can now make music on Gynzy with an easy-to-use piano & drum kit. You can even create & save your own songs, or play songs already included in this activity.
Make a song today!
Life Cycles & Metamorphosis
Metamorphosis means to transform or change, and this is a fact of life for humans and animals. Compare the way people age to the way caterpillars and frogs evolve from eggs.
Learn about life cycles
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Tool: Number Line
This tool would allow you to easily pull up an interactive number line and set the number range to fit the needs of your classroom.
Vote for the number line
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