Encourage good health with these exercises & activities for American Heart Month.
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Newsletter week 08, 2020
Promote Heart Health for American Heart Month
The Circulatory System Lesson - Gynzy
For this American Heart Month, learn about everything your heart does for you in our circulatory system lesson. Activities are included to get students out of their seats, get their blood pumping, and get them thinking. 
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Start class with these exercises and activities to get students excited for the day ahead. Spin the wheel for fun prompts that will get your students engaged and ready to learn!
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Math and Movement
Our Math and Movement activities include videos that give students fun exercises to do, while they practice mental math. Get your class moving, thinking, and engaged with Gynzy!
Train your mind and body
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Activity: Bingo
This tool would allow you to play bingo in class, which can help students practice recognizing numbers and other patterns. Ideal for teams of students, possibly on computers or tablets.
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