Learn everything about the new interactive whiteboard with these 3 blogs.
We have created the first blogs about the new board to get you started. Perhaps you have already worked with it. We hope you like the new features, and the fact that it's flash-free.
Select, group, and move
It is now possible to group elements on the new board, so they behave as one single element. In addition, we have added the function to select and move written texts. 
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Copy, paste, undo, and redo
You are able to copy images and other elements to another page. That way you don’t have to completely recreate pages every time.
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Draw lines and shapes directly on the board 
You can “draw” shapes and lines. To do so, choose the shape or line you want and then click and drag the figure on the board. This way you can easily draw lines and figures. 
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ISTE 2019
We'll hope to see you at ISTE19 to show you the new board in person!
  • June 24-26
  • Booth 756
  • Pennsylvania Convention Centre, Philadelphia, PA.
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