We have started with implementing the basics and we’re excited to show you the new environment.
The first version of our Flash-free board is here!
We are excited to show you the new Gynzy whiteboard software currently being developed together with teachers like you. We have started with implementing the basics and there is more to come. To get started, check out our blog about the new software.
Randomized Learning Opportunities
Perhaps every moment of your school year has been calculated and objective driven. “Maybe it's time to add a little randomness to your class. Try these tools, which can randomly add some interest to the learning.
The Letter Selector
Press the 'Settings' button and check off the letters/phonograms you want to use. Use standard or written letters to challenge young readers.
Choose random letters
For a challenge, see which team can brainstorm the most words with that letter. Insert a scoreboard widget to track the winning team.
Random Number Generators
Try out different ways to display random numbers on your interactive whiteboard. You can spin the wheel or roll some dice. Determine the range of numbers or exact numerals to use with the Number Selector or Number Cards.
Pick a number
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