Continue celebrating Black History Month with new lessons from Gynzy.
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Newsletter week 06, 2020
The Desegregation of American Education
Ruby Bridges Lesson Plan - Gynzy
Ruby Bridges made history in 1960 when she became the first African American child to attend a previously-segregated elementary school in Louisiana. Join us as we celebrate Black History Month in our new Ruby Bridges lesson.
New Games from Gynzy!
Sometimes students need a break (maybe you do, too). Our new games are fun to play and help students practice skills such as spelling and math. Get started with Connect the Dots: Multiplication and browse our library for more games (note: all games are available on student devices via QR code). 
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Lessons About the Body
Our body is constantly performing processes we aren't aware of. Learn about the complexities of human biology in these new lessons: 
   - The circulatory system
   - Your skin
   - Your nose
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